Will I find my ring that I have lost?

Will I find my ring that I have lost? I have had it 29 years

Answer #1

where’d you lose it??

Answer #2

How are we supposed to know? :o

Answer #3

We can’t tell you that for sure. Your odds of finding it will depend on where you lost it. Retrace your steps. Where did you last take it off at? Were you washing your hands and set it on the sink? Did it fall down the sink? If it did, then call a plumber. They’ll be able to take apart the sink and most likely will get you your ring back. I hope you find it since you’ve had it so long and it probably has a lot of meaning to you.

Answer #4

If you ever take your ring off at the kitchen or bathroom sink, take apart the sink trap and check it. It’s a fairly simple task. if you can’t do it a friend or a plumber can.

Good Luck!!

Answer #5

no one here is psychic, we dont know all you can do is look for it look for it in places were you normally leave it and look in places that you usually go/so to see if you droped/lost it there

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