Is there no way I can purchase items online without being 18?

im 16 and have a debit card, i hear you have to be 18 to open a Paypal account

Answer #1

Ask your mom?

Answer #2

For paypal, I believe you must be 18.

Answer #3

nah she hates me

Answer #4

nah she hates me

Answer #5

Just ask your parents. Or see if you can purchase the items in the store

Answer #6

find an 18 year old friend to help you with your purchase. At your age, you are pretty limited to what you can get without and 18+ year old person. I just would get my mum to purchase things from the internet.

Answer #7

I am under 18 and I buy things online using a prepaid card. There is no age limit and it works just like a credit card. I buy mine at shoppers drug mart but some grovery stores have them.

Answer #8


Answer #9

You can buy things from Amazon at that age, online. At this age, however, I would only stick to buying things from popular companies and organizations because they are forced to have privacy and regulations that follow the laws. This means that you will be protected or in the worst case scenario, you can sue the company.

But again, be careful, there’s no rush do doing these things.

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