How can I get a specific sneaker ASAP without ordering them online?

I found these sneakers that I really like and I would want to break em in soon. Only problem is that I can’t find them on any websites besides nike and my dad doesn’t buy stuff online(idk why=/). So any idea where I could find sneakers. Besides modells, sports authority, finish line and foot locker.

Answer #1

Uhmm look up the one you want, and call the store by you too see if there instock.

Answer #2

buy thm at the mall :p finish line is the best

Answer #3

Call the store and request a pair they will put it on hold till you get there.

Answer #4

grab a phone book call shoe stores to c if they have them… if theyre out of stock they can usually tel u how long till they get more n u can put them on hold til u pick them up

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