Where could i purchase fresh dragonfruit?

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oriental stores or online.

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Any and all the grocery stores seem to get dragonfruit in at random times from time to time. Ive seen it in Stop n Shop in a basket near the apples and stuff. Sometimes places have it and dont, not even in a seasonal way, just random. You know what it looks like, right? Keep an eye out for it, I guess. It's good stuff.

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What kind of oriental store? Asian, Chinese or?

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Yes I do know and thanks

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mostly asian oriental stores

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farmers market

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I've never tried dragonfruit. But since it's not a extremely popular fruit, i'd call your local grocery stores to see if they have it(:

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I can get it at the little grocery store in the nearest town here quite sporadically during the summer, so you should be able to get it where you live, also. It's in season during the summer months, so if you don't see it on your grocery store produce shelves, put in a request for some.

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I've never even seen this stuff or heard of it.

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