Ways to keep a salad fresh while it's sitting out?

What are some ways to keep a salad from wilting and gross stuff when it's just sitting out in the open? Tossing it every now and then? Maybe spraying it with water?

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don't put the dressing on right away. it keeps better without dressing.

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drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil over it - use the "light tasting" olive oil, some lemon juice and black pepper and salt. It'll keep very fresh. Tastes great without adding dressing, but if you want to add different dressing, just go lighter on the oil and lemon juice.

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"saucybaby" is right, mom adds lemon to the salad, but I've never heard of adding fruity flavour to the salad! lol

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Squeeze some lemon juice over it. This will keep it fresh and add a bit of fruity flavour to the salad as well

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Try eating it.

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Spraying lightly and tossing would help. Setting the salad bowl on a bed of crushed ice would really help.

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