Do you think I could?

I could eat a horse. I swear I’m indestructible. (:

Answer #1

lol :] I’m sure I could too.

Answer #2

Maybe, but the leather might not do so well with the bowels. The horse shoes might not do well with your teeth either.

Answer #3

Not all at once, but sure, I think you could. don’t forget a vegetable.

Answer #4

Yeah, with some bar b que sauce. lol

Answer #5

Saddle and all ??

Answer #6

lol, I sometimes feel like I could eat a horse! lol, but I wouldn’t because getting over full isn’t fun, I should know. :) lol I also wouldn’t eat a real horse, I love horses and don’t want them killed. if you are talking pony size, yeah, I think you just might be able to! lol bye! :)

Answer #7

Quote: Answered by amblessed on Apr 18, 2009, 05:41PM Add me as a friend | Send me Fun Mail | 11601 answers

Saddle and all ??

Heck Yes!

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