Do you think punk people are weird?

Answer #1

What do you mean by “punk people”? People who listen to that genre of music? No, I dont consider them weird. Cheers, Satanheadbangstometal!

Answer #2

Nooo! Punks are the smexiest creatures alive! I want to eat them all :)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAWT. Piercings are smexy ^_^

Answer #3

Whoo, I love piercings! Who says “punks” have piercings?

Answer #4

I..I..I thought…well then, I DO! GAAAAH!

Answer #5

Not at all.

Answer #6

Cheers Michelle! Point.

Answer #7

I love punk music. And I love the clothes, haha. How would they be any weirder then ‘emo’, ‘prep’, ‘ghetto’?

Answer #8

I resent that statement, lol

I used to be punk, but alas, time has gotten the better of me :)

Answer #9

it’s stupid to think someone’s weird cuz of the music they listen to…people need to not judge…

Answer #10

Yeah why would anyone want to dress in black with purple and wear mohacks…..

Answer #11

Dislike…you apparently don’t know much about punk.

Answer #12

My friend (which happens to be a guy) claims he’s punk and that’s the way he dresses…..I stopped tlking to him :(

Answer #13

Buddy, I have a mohawk and i’m not “punk”. It’s a flipping hairstyle, it doesn’t make me “punk”.

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