Can being punched in the stomach while pregnant cause a miscarriage?

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Yes, and whoever punches her stomach could be charged with manslaughter if the baby dies.

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What a scary question... Of course yes. Any kind hit hard shaking can cause miscarriage.

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You can, if this happened to you go to the hospital first of all t make sure everything is ok, and then make sure you go to the police if whoever hit you hurt you or the baby in any way.

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It might, however a punch (or more likely punchES) hard enough to do that also puts the Mom-to-be in severe jeopardy herself - permanent damage is very possible.
I am saying this because desperate women have tried to self-abort this way. Just in case this is on your mind, DON'T. There are safe ways.

If this was not the intent of the question, I apologize very much.

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yes, of course it can. it doesnt always end in a misscarriage, but it definantly can. and as swebb said, if someone does that and your baby dies, its manslaughter

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