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When I go on my ps3 I login but the ps3 network never signs me in. I've tride turning of my ps3 and turning it on that didnt work I also tride disconnecting and connecting and that didn't work please could someone reply as soon as possible as I am getting grumpy

P.s. my internet is wireless

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You must create an account on PS3; if you have an error message that would be more helpful. If it just sits there and nothing happens, check your network settings. If you can use the browser to get to google, chances are your network settings are good, but your account info probably has an error. Double check the email addrs and re-enter the password to be sure, and try again.

If that doesnt' work call PS support. again, if you have an error message that would help me help you

To PS3 users...Remember: Do NOT forward emails from other PS3 users. Sony does not need users to test their system, and they don't need you to tell other people about new games when there is a What's New section right on the desktop.
This is a chain email, and I've heard Sony may start banning accounts from which these messages originate.

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