Would a professor with a gun saved lives at VTech?

If a competent Professor at VT been licensed to carry a gun, could lives lost have been saved ?

Answer #1

Maybe. But should that professor lose his tenure and got really mad wouldn’t he be more likely to be the next psychotic gunman? I love guns myself. But the NRA is wrong on this one. Gun laws need to be more strict, not less. I am shocked how many vigilante morons really believe that adding other guns to this equation would have averted disaster. How many troops do you think are hit by friendly fire? If you were the gun-wielding Professor with 300 students between him and a lunatic shooting freely would you start pumping rounds through the innocents to hit the guilty one? The end does not justify the means. Dig out your new testament and find the part where Jesus decided to start an assault on the Romans, and he said that famous biblical one-liner “Turn this on your cheek!”.

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