Does protien powders work?

Like to make shakes and what exactly what r they suppose to do?

Answer #1

Good protein powders will:

  • Support red blood cell production
  • Support the immune system
  • Maintain your hair, fingernails, and skin healthy -Help you build muscle

As for do they work? There are many dud/fake powders that are filled with sweeteners bought by guys who want to become ripped by the cheapest way possible. If you want to use them as a supplement then it most be bought from a reputable supplier.

Answer #2

Men use protein shakes to bulk up, I have not seen to many women trying to bulk up.

Answer #3

You never know… :P

Answer #4

True, well I know I don’t want a women bigger than me, I guess it is that male macho thing.

Answer #5

When used right, yes. You need to have healthy eating habits, and an exercise plan to go along with it.

Answer #6

yeh they do

Answer #7

It depends on what your goals are. But by taking the time to actually spend the money and buy the protein drink, it may get you into the right frame of mind to eat healthy and to be more mindful of your eating habits. Protein powders are good motivators and when combined with the right weight training program it will in the long run restore your broken down muscle cells. It is also very convenient and easier to make yourself a smoothie and mix the protein powder than to sit down and eat tuna or boiled eggs. But in the long run is just another tool that you can use in a comprehensive exercise program.

Answer #8

Lol i am not trying to bulk up i was just wonder some women i have seen use it to get thier protien

Answer #9

Not really, The best way to get protein is from food, not supplements. It is easy to get all the protein you need from a healthy diet. There have been no good objective studies that found any benefit to these supplements.

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