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Is this considered child abuse (read more)?

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So, I'm 14 and I was adopted when I was 8. Ever since I was about 9, my mom had been slapping my mouth whenever I did anything 'wrong.' It was worse when I was younger (I'm not going to go into that, though, because the past is the past) but even now she slaps my mouth, and yanks my hair back, even when I don't answer a question. My lips have gotten swollen, and I get a few scrapes when I'm in the bathroom and she slaps me, causing me to fall against the counter. I admit, I may have an 'attitude' sometimes (like Saturday, for instance, she caught me on the computer when I shouldn't have been and then she went into my room without asking, and I said that she shouldn't) but she tells me that all kids get their mouth slaped when they do something wrong. I don't know if I should put the number for Child Protective services in the bathroom when this happens, and just run and lock the door when this happens...) Some advice? And IS this child abuse? My dad also does nothing about it, and my sister has confronted him about it, but she doesn't really do anything about it and neither does my Dad. :/