Should a president be able to have more than two terms?

I dont know much about american politics and the presidency, but here in Britain its possible that the leader of the party in power can just carry on going, like tony blair was prime minister for ten years, maragaret thatcher did eleven years, so do you think two terms is enough, especially if someone is highly approved.

Answer #1

to be honest (i am an American) i wish our president was in office for 5 years because i feel like 4 is not long enough.and i would not want them to do anymore than 2 terms because any more than that and if people like them a lot they start to feel powerful. and we can actually have a president in office for 10 years in all because if there is a vice president and our president dies and he finish his 2 years and if he gets reelected twice then that ed be 10 years

Answer #2

No,because the power might go to their head.

Answer #3

I think it depends on the president. If it is a very good president.. then yes. If they are a bad president who dont do that much good. then no. Depends all on how they did and what they did for their country and the people.

Answer #4

Definately Not !

Answer #5

I say No. And I also think Congress should be limited to 2 terms as well. Any longer than that allows them to get in too deep with Big Business and then they stop watching out for their constituents interests in favor of lining their own pockets. Of course, some of them start out that way too

Answer #6

One term is not enough time to do much

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