who do you think should be elected president?

Probably doesn’t relate to the topic, but am still curious, who do you think should be elected president? I keep hearin stuff about Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, etc. and what they’re going to do for us; it gets kind of confusing sometimes. Anyway, what’s your opinion? Just wondering.

Answer #1

in my opinion, if you agree with Far-Left views - either will do.

Answer #2

do anything but vote for obama hes a black supremacist listen to his pastors words Google jermiah wright just don’t vote for him just cause hes black doesn’t make him cool

Answer #3

Im backing Bush since dumb@ss demos say that if mcain wins its like having bush for a 3rd term

Answer #4

I always wanted Ralph Nader for president. Something about a rabid, anti-corporate, no-nonsense lawyer appeals to me. But I’ve long ago given up on the notion that he could ever be elected :)

I was leaning toward Hillary Clinton, but as of yet I’m undecided.

Answer #5

OBAMA..we need him 2 save our dying nation!

Answer #6

I do not like bush. Macain or Obama would be fine.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Obama. no questions. In fact, if he isn’t elected into presidency, we are all screwed.

Answer #9

I’m not to into politics but I would go with Obama

Answer #10

Obama all the way hes a cool black dude who wudnt vote 4 him?

Answer #11

Obama, Obama, Obama…need I say more

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