How can you preserve sweethearts candy hearts?

I have this coating stuff to put on clay sculptures and make it shiney and it hardens it. Would that work? I mean, those candies dont really start to smell or get moldy, but the phrases wear off, would a seal like the one I have prevent that?

Answer #1

So, you’re looking to keep it forever - and not eat it, right? Yes, a shellac or varnish would work fine.

Answer #2

Varnish might be harder to get than maybe your mom’s clear fingernail polish.

Answer #3

I figure she can use the stuff she already uses for her clay sculptures :P

Answer #4

True, that is what happens when you don’t read the whole thing, sorry good catch.

Answer #5

What about movie ticket stubs? I dont want them to wear either, do you think he stuff I have would work for that?

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