What can I add to this plaster heart sculpture?

It’s a plaster heart, my handprint would not fit so now I have to improvise. Im going to paint it red and the outside black then put glitter paint over that, I’m putting on it, Corey’s number that he wrote and gave to me, and a movie ticket stub from the first movie we went to. I have no idea what else to put on it now. Any Ideas? I dont want to write him a poem, though.

Answer #1

Do you have any nicknames for him? Pictures of you and him togeher,just you two? hope that helps =)

Answer #2

Your asking wat else sound good with that as a poem?

Answer #3

No, im asking what to put on the heart, but I dont want to put a poem on it so anything, but that would be nice.

Answer #4

i call him a lot of things all the time as nicknames, but there’s no one nickname I call him all the time and I dont have any decent pictures of us.

Answer #5

hmmmm maybe go thru some mags and cut out letters of his name and glue them on. =)

Answer #6

Im not surehow cute that woul look, it would look col, but im looking for cute. I may have no other options, though if i dont figure something out soon. Do yo kno of anyone crafts I could make out of cly or something that would be little?

Answer #7

*would- cool- you- know- any- clay- My keyboard blows.

Answer #8

Clay….U could make a clay heart! :P A card is always good…..Maybe u could get some bead and string and make him a necklace! =)

Answer #9

That’d be nice, but I need something to put on the plaster heart. :D

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