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Is the preppy style coming back?

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ANSWER #1 of 8

Prep is always in. It nevers goes out. It slightly changes, but like a preppy polo is always in(:

ANSWER #2 of 8

it never left but you really shouldnt dress
how people want you to, you should get
your own style that you like & make it your own

ANSWER #3 of 8

prep never really goes you see polos everywhere..[I love them myself(: and really it never went outt(: [I agree with samleepayton]

ANSWER #4 of 8

To be honest I don't like prep and I'm more of a rock person to let you know but yes I do actually agree with those two it never went out so you can dress how ever the hell you feel like and tell all the people that say stuff about your style just keep your style going and don't let them get to you...hope this helps


ANSWER #5 of 8

prep is in! yay

ANSWER #6 of 8

I agree with :]

ANSWER #7 of 8

it never went out

ANSWER #8 of 8

I think so

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