Best stores for preppy plus size clothes?

Whats the best preppy stores for normal cute styles and for plus sizes?

Answer #1

I don’t know but it sorta makes me mad that really cute stores like hollister and abercrombie dont have bigger clothes, and also the sizes they do have are smaller than they are suppose to be.. I wear a large in hollister, and normally im like a Medium, and my bff weighs 100pns and she cant even fit into there Xsmalls! she wears like a small or medium, im serious!

Answer #2

ya it sucks theres so many cute cloths but for skinny people

Answer #3

hmm…maybe goodys and I know debs has them

Answer #4

Deb(Junior and Plus sizes), Torrid(Plus only), Wet Seal, Rave

xox Sika

Answer #5

american eagal!

Answer #6

#1 aeropostale

Answer #7

I was recommeded to buy at this website and placed an order today. But I don’t whether they are fit for cute style. You can browe the website.

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