How can I become pregnant with pcos?

I was just diagnosed with PCOS and my husband I are trying to have a baby. I am really worried that with this syndrome I will not be able to conxeive. Is there any tips out there that can help become more fertile?

Answer #1

the best person to talk to about this is a doctor or a neuroendocrinologist. Lots of women who have PCOS go on to have successful pregnancies though so it is possible. Your doctor can give you medication to help you ovulate. It is also really helpful to maintain a healthy weight, eat a good diet and make sure the insulin side of PCOS is managed well as this has an impact on fertility

Answer #2

PCOS is probably the most common infertility problem women have. Many women with PCOS can improve their fertility by taking the diabetes drug Metformin. Often this is all that is necessary. If that doesn’t do the trick than there are other things your doctor can try and if you still have fertility problems an infertility specialist is your best bet.

Answer #3

I did naturally, My biggest thing was I lost alot of weight…

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