pregnancy blood work test HELP!!!

Hi my name is molly and I might be pregnant, long story short my older brother found out about it and promised he would not tell my parents. However I’m 19 years old so I am over age. He wants me to take a blood work test, but he wants to go with me. I don’t see why he has to but watever… well also he is my only ride. The point is I don’t really want him to know the results , I kinda of want to know the results before everyone else does then break the news to everyone you know? that way I have time to myself for a few days and figure out what to do. My question is, if he goes with me?? and I take the test is there a way to tell the doctor not to ‘’annouce ‘’ the results and possibly I can come back for the results ???

HELP!!! I’m already stressed as it is, and don’t need my brother in my business although I know he is only trying to help.

Answer #1

yes, you can. patient doctor confidentiality will apply and the doctor won’t be allowed to tell anyone anything without your permission.

Answer #2

yes, you can tell the doctor not to tell anyone else he/she probably wont anyway because your 19 years old and your brother doesnt have to come in the room with you if you dont want him to

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