How do you let people look at your modelling profile without being a show-off?

Answer #1

just send the links to ur close friends …………. it wuld spread to others automatically ……………..

Answer #2

I don’t think it means your showing off, there’s always gonna be some haters, ignore them and be proud of what you can do :)

Answer #3

How would you be a show off? A modelling profile has its purpose. So people can see your talent. Whether your modelling or cleaning cars, people will judge you. Its human nature. People will call you a show off at some point of your life anyways, you dont have to model to be called one. Its good to get yourself out there if you want a career in modelling. Standing up to haters is one of the qualifications your going to have to have. Be proud of who you are, speak up. Haters are goin to hate. Many people can wish they were in your place. Get through the haters, you can get through anything. Stay postitive. Its human nature to be labelled as many things. A modelling profile is a lame excuse for some people who think they have some right to judge. =) One day when youre modelling, they’ll be sucking up to you probably. ;-)

Answer #4

I thought the whole point of being a model was to be a showoff and get as many looks as you can. My wife has a spa and is very into fashion, with a degree in fashion merchandising, and we go to the fashion shows all the time. If you want to be a model you have to showoff as much as you can and ignore the haters, put you need a lot of self confidence.

Answer #5

put = but

Answer #6

If people think your showing off then you probably have a good profile. Keep it up. Don’t worry bout the jealous ones and keep it clean. Lol.

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