people say I'm spoiled and I don't think so

My friends say I’m spoiled you selfish because I spend my parent money and I drive a nice car that pay for and I’m only 18 wit no good and I think that a good thing if I get what I want when I want and don’t have to ask twice for it and I don’t think it is spoiled at all if they are willin to gave ill take it wit out asking auestions

Answer #1

Don’t know if you’re spoiled but you’re definitely fortunate and blessed - hope you’re Thankful and not ‘nose in the clouds’.

Answer #2

Yes - you are spoiled. You are 18 years old and take your parents money and drive a car they pay for. Do you have a job? Your an adult now - it’s time to make your own money and grow up and stop taking from mommy and daddy.

Answer #3

Your a spoild Little Bytch that need To Get A Job And Stop moching Off Her Parents…Spend your own Money!!!

Answer #4

yeah I would say you fit in the category of spoiled

Answer #5

I agree with amblessed. Depends on your attutide about it. I think you are fortunate to have wealth.

Answer #6

u just wrote and said you get everything you want !!! of course you r!!

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