What should I do I don't want people to think I'm mean because I'm not?

Hi, I sit at this lunch table kind of known as “the mean girls” because this fist fight started at that same table, but people always tell me how sweet, and nice I am all the time and I am, but since I sit at this table now everyday, I don’t want everyone to think of me as the wrong image, like, “oh look theres mean girl” or something like that, but the girls seem nice to me but no one else is friends with them, they’re there own little group of like 5, I like sitting there so what should I do? sit there or move so people don’t get a negative image of me? p.s. after I left the lunch room to go to the bathroom, this group of like 5 girls were talking, but as soon as I walked in, they all gave me a dirty look then dead silent the moment they see me. also, almost everyday at lunch, I feel something hit my chest or my face, its always a gumwrapper or paper, this happens when I sit there at lunch, its kinda scary if you think about it

Answer #1

I wouldn’t move. These girls may have a reputation, but they have never done anything to you but accept you. People will see you for who and what you are the same as the people who told you how sweet and nice you are. Youre in 8th grde, you can have many friends - you don’t have to limit yourself to one group.

Answer #2

Girl who answerd this question-nk3060- p.s. to this question, when I walked in the bathroom, it was Not the same group I sat with, it was a group of other girls

~I am in 8th grade btw

Answer #3

If they arent being nice to you then don’t be their friends. Find people nice and caring like you, and be their friends.

Why do you want to be these girl’s friend?

Answer #4

They aren’t real friends so hang with another gang.

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