What are some symptoms of postpartum depression?

What are some symptoms of postpartum depression

Answer #1

Crying jags are normal with new moms- but if you find you’re crying for more than a few minutes at a time, more than a once or twice a day, that’s a symptom.

Not wanting to go out at all- not preparing for the day (ie: not showering, brushing teeth, even eating)… There is a difference in not being ABLE to shower, dress, etc. (baby crying, nursing) and not caring to.

Thoughts or feelings of harming yourself or the baby that are almost overwhelming. Thoughts that you and the baby are better off dead (no- you’re not).

Not wanting to be around or tend to the baby beyond ‘normal’ exhaustion. Example: it is normal to be tired from a lack of sleep and to get frustrated when the baby cries, but you go and tend to the crying child regardless of whether you want to or not. It is NOT normal to ignore the baby because you can’t bear it or can’t be bothered.

It’s normal to be tired, emotionally drained, and stressed- it’s not normal to be utterly, soulfully miserable.

Your OB/GYN will have brochures in the office related to PPD; and will likely talk to you about it. If you feel you are in danger or are a danger to yourself or your baby, call your doctor, a friend, a family member, or 911.

You can google search postpartum depression symptoms, or even go to webmd. Another good website is whattoexpect.com- they’ve got a great section on PPD.

Answer #2

baseball98741, That’s not funny. It’s tacky and low to make light of infanticide. It happens far too often- and if this woman is suffering she needs help, not tactless comments.

Answer #3

thank you all so much we are trying to figur out wats wrong with my sis inlaw shes always mad at her husband an her kids the lady at da health department told her she has postpartum depression but she wont do nothin about so were gonna try to get her to go to da doctor she only started doin that after she had her second baby

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