Poofy Mess of Hair!

I have medium length Wavy/Curly hair, and It’s always frizzy no matter what! I use John Frieda Non-frizzy stuff, but as soon as my hair dries, It gets poofy and frizzy. I don’t want to spend a lot of money… Are there any cheap-ish products out there that will help me???!?!?

Answer #1

bleh I have POOFTASTIC hair and I just gave up and keep it in a ponytail and straighten my bangs : / but my hair does straighten well but it take forever so I barely ever do it so I put my hair in a ponytail and keep it in a bun for a long time and when I take it down it looks a lot better

Answer #2

never ever blow dry your hair because it just frizzes your hair more. deep condition your hair once a week to tame your curls and try a different frizz control. when your hair is wet, like you just stepped out of the shower, use paper towels and scrunch your hair dry with them just to get the loose water out. I know it sounds wierd but it works. the mayo thing helps too.

Answer #3

Soak your hair in mayo for 30-60 min!

Answer #4

I heard of a little trick from my grandma, Try washing your hair with mayo.

Answer #5

Sebastian Potion #9 is brill for frizzy and curly hair. Check it out —>>

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