Can my girlfriend test positive for thc from kissing me?

Can my girlfriend test postive for pot "THC" from giving me head or kissing me. As far as the kissing thing goes say I smoke the night before and the next day I make out with her.

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to test positive you have to have a certain level in your system that is indicitive that you smoked, not just a contact high.


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Contact hight won't show up in a piss test.

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No. Might as well say you were smoking next to her.

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I highly doubt anything would turn up.

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if you or her is worried about it: she can drink a gallon of room temperature water before she goes to take a piss test and she will only be pissin out water

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If I was smokeing next to her she could get a contact buzz and test positive thou. Right??

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It shouldn't be strong enough to last in her system for more than a day...if it even gets in her system.


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