What would be your first reaction to testing hiv positive?

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...denial... probably.

alergic reaction

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Totally freak out, then ask for another test, because I would KNOW it was wrong.

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I'd probably cry then determination would take over.

I fear I may have HIV

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ησσσσσσσσσσσσσσσσσσσσσσσ ℓσℓ . . . χ

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Tears, probably.

one positive and three neg iam confused

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P H U C K !!!

When should I test?
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Uh, I don't think so... test me again.

why/how do you develop a reaction or allergy to something?

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oh my god.
I dont know.
Im really paranoid.
so i would freak!!

Argh Is this an allergic reaction??
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i would cry then just be all freaked out

Is this an allergic reaction?

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