Why do some poeple have innies and some poeple have outtie belly buttons?

Answer #1

It depends on the way the umbilical cord was cut when you were born.

Answer #2

outties always looked gross to me. but if you get punched there they always get the advantage to say “not my gum drop…button!”

Answer #3

your umbilical cord is cut different when you were a baby. one way is for an innie other outtie

Answer #4

Your umbilical cord is cut off several inches away from your belly a a baby. So we have actually had an outtie belly button once in our lives. However, the remaining bit then naturally fall off leaving you with with either an inn or an outtie.

Answer #5

It’s the way that the umbilical chord is cut, I have heard that if you have an outtie that means that the nurse cut it wrong. Though I’m not sure how true that is.

Answer #6

There is no actual evidence for it, but I can tell you that it has absolutely nothing to do with the way the cord was cut..

Answer #7

Well looks like everyone before me has got this question covered, so I’ll just say this, I love my innie bellybutton. ♥ U can’t really pierce outties. lol.

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