White stuff in belly button?

my belly button has white crust and it is red like that is normal right? iff it is how do you get the white stuff off is like bactine okay

Answer #1

No, its not what you say “normal” Im quite sure what I could be Give it a good clean with some antibactieral stuff.. if its still like that, maybe you should go to have it checked out at the doctors.

Answer #2

if its not peirced, then no, its not normal if you just got it peirced, then yes, its normal you need to realise that a hole is a wound, your body is now trying to heal that wound, so it usually forms a scab thats in the shape of a ball or lump this is it healing, if you pick it off, it will need to start this process all over again and youll make its healing time longer all you can do it wait for it to heal the scab/lump should go away withing a few weeks-a few months

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