What do you think of this poem I finished writing?

Hope you like it…I need a title for it…any advice? :) Thanks in advance!

You say to wait when I say why.. Things never change for you & I.. I once had patience, yet now it’s gone.. As I realized, your love for me was just a con.

You cant deny life’s too short.. Mistakes of plenty, landing you in court.. Another battle of different issues.. You know love is dead, pass some more tissues.

You say one word, they twist it’s meaning.. Wonder if there is any point reasoning.. You ache inside for they dont even care.. What you want to say, you an not bare.

The desire to simply finish what it is in your heart.. Yet a sleazy response back & forth, reminds you of why you are apart.. You wish the constant att@cking would just go away.. If only you could explain how you felt that day.

If you could just stand close enough to cover their mouth.. Yet they would pull your hand off, leading the conversation south.. There is simply no way to change a bad situation.. How can you possibly open the lines of communication?

If only a way to speak was a way to get a point out.. Perhaps it would clarify all of the doubt.. Yet no one allows you to finish what is on one’s mind.. They rather walk away leaving everything behind!

Answer #1

Very good! :D I love it!

Hmmm….maybe the title could be Frustration, or Frustrated? :)

Answer #2

awe, ty sweetie…glad you like it…/hug

As for the title…sounds interesting, I’ll have to check back with ya on that one…if I dont already have one called that.:)

Answer #3

Always love yur work :)

Answer #4

awe, thanks so much…so sweet of you to say!

Answer #5

Oopsi, I just caught an error…paragraph 3 last line…should be:

“What you want to say, you can not bare.” (forgot that tiny little “c”)

and since no one else has any suggestions as a title…I am gonna go with Angel’s Frustration title! :) Ty Angel…muah♥

Answer #6

WOW!!! It’s amazing! You have talent!………..Phenomenal.

Answer #7

thank you so much for your kind words, I am glad you enjoyed it! :)

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