Finished with my poem, what do you think?:)

The sun sets in front of the moon The moon rises in front of the sun its the way of nature we cant stop it

We eat the animals and they retailiate They kill us with no mercy its the way of nature we cant stop it

The waves crash against the beach eating at your legs as you stand there peacefull doesnt last forever

Becasue somewhere out there there is something bigger then us something thats waiting to emerge and feast on us all to take over To prove that peace can never exist without Hell

Its the unfortunate way of life we kill animals they kill us but who kills us both?

Ask yourself this question and you’ll experiance a pain like never before An emptyness that will naw at you for life its something that no human can get over at least not without some black place in their mind

Its here but we’re just to blind to see it Its waiting But its not ready Because we cant yet reach it

This is the reason why people die why people go insane why we’re all filled with a deep emptyness its the way of nature we cant stop it but we can fight it

I think its kinda weird but it came from the heart so I was just wondering what you all think about it?

Answer #1

yah its very very good.

but im a vegetarian so it doesnt have to do with me :D


Answer #2

its really good, but in the ninth line change peacefull to peace. :)

Answer #3

I like it a lot, its really good!

Answer #4

its really good, I like it

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