why does my friend think I write depressing poems?

my friend tells me I write depressing poems so I stopped showing them to her. I dont show these to anyone really except my best friend so just tell me do you think this is depressing?

the fear in your dark heart from something unheard cascading shadows the broken-winged bird can you fly? can you fly?

you once told me a story of a beautiful sky not of its color but instead that it’s wide like a flat plate of sadness a harsh mirror of true, reflecting so clearly, yourself turned blue.

and it makes you cry.

Answer #1

ok =]]

be happy

Answer #2

haha no problem sorry im so rude

Answer #3

oh okay thank you sillysalad. this is actually one of my happier poems so I was just confused by what abygail said =)

Answer #4

Well that can be considered depressing. Just look at a few of the words.. Dark heart cascading shadows broken winged bird… It can be considered that but if she doesn’t like it then don’t show them to her.

Answer #5

why does your frined think you write depressing poems well because she/he maybe is a very happy person and thinks lifes al about ponys an butterflies

or maybe cause your poems are depressing ??

actually they arnt they are just darker based poems your friends should never judge there your friends and if she/he thinks they depressing thats there problem

your poems are really good dont think there depressing

Answer #6

why do you think you are rude? you are not you made me feel really good about this poem! =)

Answer #7

Stop showing it to her like you did and piriod. Poems is what we feel or about the world that we see around us. Your poems are depressing, then fine that is just your wrighting. Don’t stop because somebody else tells you that they are not good or are a certain thing Poetry is all about you..

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