When i plug my headphones into my laptop, it still plays out loud through the speakers, why is this?

Answer #1

Are you sure it’s in the right one? Or did you plug it in the microphone one instead? I did that lol

Answer #2

it’s in the right one i checked

Answer #3

If you have speakers connected to your laptop into the speaker port then try unplugging them and try plugging your headphones in now and see if it works…if you are using the speakers built in your laptop, you can try to temporary disable those speakers and try to see if the headphones will work. To disable the speakers go to your Control Panel and click on “Hardware and Sound” then click on “Sound” then click on “Properties” then go to the “Device Usage” drop down and select “Don’t use this device (Disable)” and click “OK”

Now plug in your headphones into the headphones jack and see if it works. Hope this helps…

Answer #4

Try manually changing the device its using this sometimes happens to me or when i want to use my hdmi connection to my monitor and a separate stereo output for speakers…

just right click the volume icon choose playback devices and choose the headphones part by right clinking and setting as default device

Answer #5

make sure they are plugged in all the way

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