How to beat cravings?

Okay so. . .I used to be really skinny, I think it was because I was very active in school sports, and everyday after school I would get a really good physical training, but I diidnt make the school soccer team, so now I dont have any exersices to do or anythingg. I am gaining a lot of wright. Its because when im hungry bored or just craving something. . . .I eat. && its really hard not too, please tell me how to beat these cravings And to lose weight quickly and very easily ! Please and thank you !

Answer #1

find something you love to do and concentrate on it all the time. Or you could set specific times during the day when you can eat, and eat ONLY then

Answer #2

I toltally understand you when I was in High school it was always so skinny I was actually a 3! and now im a 7 or 9 depending on the jeans. I think that its because I eat a lot of junk food and snacks at my house we have a snack closet! it so hardt owalk past it and not eat! so I put a sign on the indise that says “ DONT EAT YOUR GOING TO GET FAT!! “ and its been working! hope it helps! =]

Answer #3

You shouldnt be concentrating so much on being fat or skinny so much as being healthy. Eating a good diet and doing excercise is the only healthy way to maintain a healthy body. Dont forget that being healthy mentally helps too. Mel x

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