my ex and I broke up

well it all started when my ex and I broke up. me and him did some sexual things that I am not proud of but not as far as oral or intercourse. after we broke up he told my sisters boyfriend what we did and not my sisters boyfriend wont stop bringing it up. he is going to probably end up telling my parents and probably already told my sister. he says things like would you like me to tell everyone what you and will did and stuff and personally I am about to kill him. it is getting really annoying and making me upset all the time and worry about it all the time. so am I overreacting and not care and if not how do I get him to stop asap. keep in mind he is a gossip and if I start problems or say anything he will tell everyone. please please I need help asap thanx so much ~kaitlyn~

Answer #1

tell your sister to make her boyfriend to shut the hell up I mean its non of his buisness anyway I mean just tell your sister that its really hurting you.

Answer #2

tell you sister to have a word with him since she knows him better than anyone else. Tell her how bad you feel about it and say that everyone makes mistakes and that was a bad choice

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