any gymnasts that were at a practice and had there first period?

is there any gymnasts that were at a practice and had there first period? I need advice on what to do.

Answer #1

I’m not a gymnast, but if you were in that situation, wearing a tampon will keep the situation in check and you can still wear your outfit with no problem.

Answer #2

You sound like you haven’t yet started having a period which isn’t uncommon in girls who are very athletic.

I’d suggest that you simply always carry a tampon, or two (one for a friend), in your purse in case of emergency.

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Answer #3

Don’t worry! Just keep pads, because, the other resourse can give you disease!

Answer #4

ahh super uber late but never wear a pad under your leo. it doesnt work that way. Always Always always wear a tamp. you can still tumble but make sure your tamp string is tucked in to your leo. you dont wanna be tumblin and have a string flying around

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