so I used to do gymnastics! and im going to start again soon! but I have a fear of just letting myself go and throwing my body! any ideas on how I can get over this fear? and when I do rolls, I get really dizzy!! like really!! and ideas on how to stop the dizziness?

Answer #1

uhm just practise with letting yourself go, thats what I did, I would just do it on a mat over and over and over again then I moved the mat did it on the floor and it just got soo easy, I was like why was I ever scared?

[[haha I always though I was gonna like bash my skull open]]

got nothing to help you with the dizziness though, just try not to have your head moving to much… and closeing your eyes?

Answer #2

I used to do gymnastics but I dance now and whenever im afraid 2 do something at first I practice on the trampoline because if you fall it doesnt hurt then when you get it down your not afraid 2 try it on the ground because youve done it so much.

Answer #3

I’m a gymnast and you are really not letting yourself go. You would have your coach spot you before you do anything that you know you can’t do. Once you get your skill, you would have been doing it for so long, it won’t feel like that.

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