How do I do a gymnastics competition if I just got my period?

I just got my period and im 14… I’ve got a level 7 gymnastics competition coming up… I used a tampon in training but it only lastes for 3 hours… and gymnastics competitions dont go for that short… what on earth do I do???

Answer #1

most tampons last 4 atleast 7 hours! Also, dont they let you use the bathroom? At my gymnastics competitions they let u!

Answer #2

well tell them if they wanna see a lot of blood and a big mess they better let you have time to remedy this. The judges can’t really be that harsh and not let you go and change when you really need to. I mean seriously? I would try using a tampon at least an 30 minutes before the whole gymnastics competition. Whenever you get a break (I’m sure you do) go to the bathroom and switch to a new one.

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Answer #4

Competition is serious and you shouldn’t be ashamed to tell your coach. I am on a all star league and when I got my period, I just got super Tampons that last up to 24 hours. just get stronger tampons or tell your coach. I did both.


Answer #5

but yesturday I went 2 training… and my tampon only lasted for 3 hours before it started coming out! I am so scared

Answer #6

apparently I cant… I get disqualified if I walk out ov the gymnastium

Answer #7

sneak out and tell them its your women time(dont be ashamed)

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