15 and might be pregnant

im 15 and I might be pregnant. As if this isn’t bad enough it was a one night stand with a guy I hardly know. My grades are excellent and my future looks bright but this is the worst thing that could possibly happen. I want to take responsibility for my mistakes but I dont even know where to start.

Answer #1

First take the test. Then I would talk to your parents. You have several options, and you should discuss these with them. If it isnt too late you could still get an abortion. You could keep the baby and give it up for adoption. You could keep the baby and maybe your parents will be willing to help you out. But like loulou said, first take the test.

Answer #2

First, make sure you are. Get a test and take it or go to the doctors and get a blood test. If it turns out you are, you have to tell your parents. I know it is hard but they will want to help you and support you in this.

Answer #3

Uhm, well yeah deffinatly take more then one test. If they turn up positive, go to the doctors. After you’ve went to the doctors, and it turns out that you are pregnant, don’t freak out! Talk to your parents. Do not get an abortion. As good as it may sound in your situation, do not get it! Give this baby a chance to live. It’s going to be up to your decision though, but I’m just saying. If you do decide to give this baby a chance, talk to your parents about giving the baby up for adoption maybe. Good Luck <3

Answer #4

no problem if you need anything else feel free to funmail me :]

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