How to stop the urges to pull out my hair?

So this is kinda of embarassing, but for years now I have been pulling my hair out of my head. Its called tricotilamania (SP) But I used to wear a wig, now I have hair extentions, but I just cant seem to stop. WHY NOT??? I dont know if its an addiction. But I know that when im really stressed or really upset I do it a lot. Does anyone know how I can stop? Or something to help me stop. I have tried rubber bands on my wrists, playin with balls (the ones you squeze to get ride of anger) I have tried like everything. PLEASE HELP!

Answer #1

you might trichotillomania (trich for short) its a compulsive dissorder that is closely linked to ocd. I’ve had it since 2nd grade, and it has completly taken over my life :( I’ve been on medicines and gone to therapy..but nothig has really helped at all. all my doctors said if you really want it to stop, you have to do it for yourself, but medicines can problem is..I know its bad and I know I dont want to do it anymore, but the sensation I get when I pull it makes me feel sooo good and relaxed and its truelly a comfort for its hard to give up something that makes me feeel good.

I also eat the tips of the hair when I pull it out. the white stuff on the end, im not sure what its called tho..this is a dissorder called trichophagia.

some medicines that you might want to try: 1.prozac:most doctors will perscribe this first, but it hasnt done much for me. and its also an antidepressant, but it had an opposite effect on me and made me depressed

  1. respridal: this medicine has a lot of weight gaine..and it made me dizzy alll the time and I always had head rushes.

3: lithium: most doctors would only use this as a last result because it is dangerous to your heart. so they would have to moniter you twice a week, but I heard its HIGHLY affective.

-my names morgan. if you have any questions id love to help you.

Answer #2

I do that sometimes too. just when im upset and angry , like really mad I ed up pulling at my hair, not so it rips out, just to get my anger out. when I was about .. 12, I use to tear at my face when I got angry

Answer #3

Ok, actually this is a known disease, and you are not the only one who does it, have you never seen that episode of true life? I pull my hair… ok, well all I can suggest is seeing a therapist, or researching a doctor in your area who specializes in this disease.. It can be cured, and there are prevention tips, so anyhow.. good luck. :]

Answer #4

OMGSH I have the same problem. I’ve had it for like 3 years now and im 13. Have you tried using band aids on your fingers? they kind of help. I tried them for about a month and I had pulled very little because of them. After a while I stopped wearing them and now I have a huge bald spot at the top of my head and the back. I hope I can stop again. Good luck to you too =] andd if you pull at night, you could use gloves. Just an idea.

Answer #5

oh thats normal?

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