Should she take a pregnancy test?

my mates a little worried my mates 15 and she had sex but didnt use any protection! she sed he pulled it out before he cumed but he cumed just near the whole of her vaginer! but shes missed her period! and always feelin bloated and sick her bellys popped out a lil bit! and shes quiet scared do you think she is and should she get a pregnancy test!

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lol, PMS much

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excuse me she took wunne before but it dide come up properly and she aint no little kid listen I come on here for help for her not for lecture dude!

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yes, she should take a pregnancy test to be certain.

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any idiot would know to take a pregnancy test...duh! Dumb kids shouldn't even be having sex if you don't even know what the easiest thing to do is! jeeze...

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she is prego

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