What side do you get your tragus piercing / pierced on?

ok so I reallyy want to get my tragus pierced and my parents are pretty much cool bout it but I don’t know which side to get it done on. I have two piercings on each earlobe and my cartlidge on my left ear pierced. I dont want one side to look like soo pierced or like too bare…help lol?

Answer #1

Whichever side you want. It’s your body so it’s your choice. What side do YOU think would look best? And as for 1 side being “too pierced”… don’t worry about that… get whatever side you want done because it really doesn’t matter :)

Answer #2

I think the same get it done on the other side I have my tragus done and its my fave piercing. I tend to always make sure I have about the same amount of piercings in both ears,

Just make sure you look after it well

Answer #3

If you have your cartlige done on one side - do the piercing on the opposite side to event hings out a bit.

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