How do people edit there pics?

How do people edit there pics?
Like they put stars ndd words
Ndd also cut there body out ndd put a different background
Ndd how do you take scenic pikz
Im not emo or anything
I just love scenic hair ndd how they takee pikz :)

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umm you could use photoshop
or go to
or to
I lke photo editing too

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I use to edit my photos

A good program to edit pics?

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or download photoshop

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Usually they use a photo editing software like photoshop, or an online tool like fotoflexor, blingee, picnik or similar.

I use seashore on my mac which is free. Some people on windows like or similar, as that's free + pretty easy to use.

It really depends on what you want to do with the picture and how you want to edit it what the best software is.

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