What does tagged mean & why do people tag pics?

what does tagged mean on bebo ??
why do people tag your pictures?

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I have myspace so im not sure if theres a differencce
but in myhspace when you tag a pic it means your labeling your friend and if you happen to label them
the pic automaticly sends to the persons that you tag profile it sounds really confusing b ut it makes sence if you do it

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you can click 'add tags' under a photo, then you click on the person you want to tag, and then chose from a list of your friends names. You click their name and when people put their mouse over the pic, your name comes up

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we have a very similar feature here...:)

On the right of a photo, you'll see 'add tags' those are used to help improve our photo search. And if you add a bunch of photos with common tags, you'll get them as links to pages to see all the photos with those tags.

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Links a persons profile to a face in a photograph.

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