How do I get a picture on my profile?

I have been trying, but I am not a computer wiz, But how do I get a pic on my profile?

Answer #1

Try reading the section on uploading photos there…and, if you get an error, tell us what the error was :) If the photo doesn’t upload, we always display a message. That will tell you what’s missing or didn’t work.

Answer #2

Make sure your picture is a JPEG image and that there are no spaces in the name of your picture. So the name could be “oklahoma1” But if the name has a _ of a space in it then it won’t upload. Just a thought!

Answer #3

But I have already tried that and it doesnt work for me! What else do you have?

Answer #4

oh ok well then I will do that. THANK YOU!

Answer #5

Go to your profile and click on “edit profile” and in the list of options click on “manage my photos” there you can choose the photo on your computer to upload by clicking on browse. Once you found the picture then now you can upload it.

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