What do they do in a physical for a 13 year old?

My sister is going to a camp this summer, and has to get her physical tomorrow. What sorts of things will they be doing?

Answer #1

Height, weight, eye sight, and blood pressure, I think that’s all, its not an extensive exam

Answer #2

Where I am, usually, doctors will check your weight and height first, then your eye sight and blood-pressure. After, they take a quick look at your breasts and then a quick peek at your va.gina. Unless you have further problems, or are sexually active.

Answer #3

They check ur privates!!! i had to take one and didn’t know they’d ask to pull your pants down. Very very awkward gud luck to ur sis lol. i;m not sure what they do to 13 yr olds though prbly the same thing i guess. i was 18 when i took my physical here.

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