13 year old loosing teeth

If I’m 13 years old will I still be loosing teeth?

Reason I’m asking you this is because this afternoon while I eat my lunch I felt a tooth that is lose. If I loose that tooth what will happen? Will it grow back or just like that?

Answer #1

Is it one of your milk teeth, or an adult tooth that is wobbly?

Answer #2

its a Adult tooth that is wobbly.

Answer #3

well it depends if no more teeth are left to come out, and that one is loose then it may come out and not grow back if you still have teeth to come out then it will come out and grow back

Answer #4

im 15 and a few months ago, one of my teeth fell out, it was wobbly for ages, and the dentist just said it was a baby tooth! and the tooth behind it was just slow at growing but has just came through and was pushing the other tooth out, so you should get a new one after its out :) x

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