Why is it when someone else take a photo of me i look like shit but when i take a photo of myself i look better?

Answer #1

Maybe you have the time to “compose” the shot to your own taste and better judgment, getting a good background and putting on your favoured expression & stance, etc.. In which case the picture really is better by the general guidelines that you would want to apply to other photographs that you take, what ever the subject might be. . Alternatively, some people (myself included) just have a natural confidence and high opinion of things that they have done themselves - even if they are not actually objectively better. For example I almost always feel happier with (for example): . (a) a meal; (b) a work of art; (c) some building work; . If I made them myself. Logically I may know a professional would probably have done a better job, but I nevertheless feel more satisfied with my own work, simply because it IS mine.

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

BeCaues there jelisa of u

Answer #3

this always happens to me aswell! its proberly cause when you take pictures of yourself you try and look nice but when someone else takes a photo of you, you dont really give a sh!t :) xx

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