What should my boyfriend and i talk about on the phone?

what kind of things me and my boyfriend can talk about on the phone.how can I turn him on ,on the phone.

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I usually say im ready to give you... and just go on and on, when I tell him what I wanna do to him, he usually asks how and we really get into it...hes got this cute saying after everything dirty,,, sometimes I will say I just got outta the shower, or im gettin a shower wanna come... im laying in bed, with just a t shirt on,,, a cute sayin like he says is oh la la,:)
it help and I talk dirty only when its late at night and usually text. He wanted to finger me at the movies but I had hair down there so got a question what if that happens again? what am I supose to do thenn???
comment backk.!!!

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ok so you want to turn him on so what you do is talk to him dirty and say have you been a bad boy and if he participates he will say I've been really bad then you will say I think some one needs a spanky and stuff like that say anything sexii that pops in your mind just speak it and the main key is alway tlk with a SEXi VOICE they love it

What do you talk to your boyfriend about on the phone?
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well when you on the phone wuth your boyfriend you dont always have to tlk about sex ! someboys just like for you to take things slow and ask them what they been up to or how was your day or something normal like that ' and sometimes they might want you to have phone sex but you shouldnt have phone sex all the time because it would start to get old after a while so try new things or try to tlk about different things when your on the phone you could even ask a friend for a suggestion on what to talk about while your on the phone with your boyfrien \ hopee thiss workk !

What should me and my boyfriend talk about on the phone?
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no I dont think being on the phone with your man is all about what you are going to do to him and sex talk I think you should start with how was your day and did you have fun start with normal talking and normal qestions until you get up to the sex talk dont listen to the rest of the stupid answers above it really works turst me

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they basically said "I believe you should wait to have phone sex with your boyfriend on the phone. Because for one maybe he will start to think that your easy to have sex with. When it does go down and really happen take things slow and build up to that...no need to rush, your young and will have all the time in the world for sex and etc...just enjoy getting on the phone with him making him laugh sharing secrets and open up. Sorry if I couldn't help thats all I could give" that's what they said lol

What should my boyfriend and I talk about when we are on th phone?
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yeah if u like just started out in a relationship just slow don't but thats not your question..... like if u just want to turn him on and not have phone sex just moan us guys r easy to turn on really easy (most all guys are) but yeah just sex talk will get us or like tell us what u mite do to us when we r in a empty room and u have us all to your self.

hope this helps a lil

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My boyfriend loves phone sex. it helps a lot with long distance relationships. I normally just tell him that im not wearing any pants and I want him to come take care of me. and then I ask him what he wants me to do to myself. he always participates!!

What should me and my boyfriend talk about on the phone?
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well you should ask him what he's thinking about everything that you talk about doesnt have 2 be sexual...not sayn that you cant have phone sex but it does get boreing sometimes...if you want 2 maintain a good convo with him just treat him as if he was 1 of your bestfriends..words would flow more smoothly then

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a realtionship doesn't have to be about sex. it's gotta be about something more than that. so if your together for a while then yea talk dirty to each other. but if you just started dating I would suggest talking about about each other and get to know each other

Why do some guys perfer to text instead of talking on the phone?
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OMG you people who think not talking sexual on the phone is unproper you guys don't have lifes like every guy want a girl to talk durty to him on the phone I hate old hags like youz. :{
I sugest you tell him durty stuff little by little like hey sexy, then go more and more sexual by saying stuff like uh... raaawr come here I wana screw you and tell him durty stuff like what you are wearing and s***t. (hope this helped) :|

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3 weeks ago you were scared about your first kiss, now you wanna know how you can turn your bf on over the phone? SLOW DOWN GIRL!! I had a bf for a long time. We would talk on the phone ALL the time for hours, but we NEVER talked dirty. Why do you feel the need to have to turn him on? Dont you get to see him at all? Sorry, i just dont like that kind of behavior from young people!

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just tell him you love him..tell him daddy I lonely I have no body he should say you got me..then tell him you was I the room by yourself and you wish he was next to u..and say I wanna give you a big juciy sexy kiss..and tell him I bett you want some body or booty..and that you wanna give you some..I bet you would luv that rit baby..and when you say by blow him a kiss and so dont hang up I wanna talk to you because im get horny and I want yo body..and start talkin dirt..then banb he will come and bang u..

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just tell him your naked on your bed fingering yourself waiting for him to come along and do it to you that usually works! lol and i am actually being completely serious! just generally sexually teasing him with things like that will work pretty well usually but if hes in a bad mood i would just talk about normal things and not attempt to turn him on because it usually won't work

hope this helped!

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you should talk about sex and then say does someone need a little company.

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just whisper while speaking...he'll go crazy...

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just whisper while speaking to him...he'll go crazy.I tried it and it works!!!

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not spamming will help too :X but yeah usaly sex talk works ( on me at least) just dont be too grotesque

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