What do you talk to your boyfriend about on the phone?

I just got a boyfriend and when I see him or call him I never know what to talk about.
So the question is WHAT DO WE TALK ABOUT?

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ASK HIM HOW HIS DAY WENT how do yall feel 2 gether and personal stuff you usally wont say around friends such as secrets and fears.after that ask him do yall have trust and things he like an dislike an you do the same.then your conversation will start building after that
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ne thing that is on ur mid talk abotu and ask him things about him that u dont kno about that is how i do it

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well talk about his day, school, friends, and your relation ship, tell him about the sweet memories you've had together and if you want to be able to speak to someone for a long time you need to have trust on them .. so tell him everything thats going on in your head

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ummm...c I just got a boyfriend too and its always quite all you have to is start by how are you feeling??? and what you doin??? and then the rest will cummm.k

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well say how you feel because I been with my men for 4 months and we dont have nun to talk bout so I say what you doing then how you feel,do you know I really like you and I want to be with u

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I talk to my boy friend about man things such as sports,his day at work or what he will do at work tommrow how his family is doin then we talk about my day my life and I always finish the conversation with an ego boost like are you working out last time I saw you you looked bigger and stronger he loves it. hope it helps

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